Uncountable Nouns

Nouns that cannot be counted or that are difficult to count or separate or we use a container to measure them are called uncountable nouns.

Uncountable nouns cover the following types of nouns:Uncountable Nouns
Liquids: juice, milk, oil, rain, tea, water, blood, coffee, curry,…
Gases: oxygen, air, carbon dioxide,…
Foods: cake, bread, meat, fruit, rice,…
Particles: dust, salt, sand, sugar,…
Solid elements: gold, iron, silver, metal,…
Diseases: malaria, cancer, measles, mumps,…
Abstract ideas: education, truth, honesty, music,…
Subjects: physics, mathematics, athletics, politics, statistics, linguistics,…


A complete list of uncountable nouns in English  

access accommodation adulthood advice aid
air alcohol anger applause arithmetic
art assistance athletics attention baggage
ballet beauty beef beer biology
blood botany bread business butter
carbon cardboard cash chalk chaos
cheese chess childhood clothing coal
coffee commerce compassion comprehension content
corruption cotton courage currency damage
dancing danger data delight dessert
dignity dirt distribution dust economics
education electricity employment energy engineering
enjoyment entertainment envy equipment ethics
evidence evolution failure faith fame
fiction flour flu food freedom
fruit fuel fun furniture garbage
garlic gas glass gold golf
gossip grass gratitude grief ground
guilt gymnastics hair happiness hardware
harm hate hatred health heat
height help homework honesty honey
hospitality housework humour hunger hydrogen
ice ice cream importance inflation information
injustice innocence intelligence iron irony
jam jealousy jelly joy judo
juice justice karate kindness knowledge
labour lack land laughter lava
leather leisure lightning linguistics literature
litter livestock logic loneliness love
luck luggage machinery magic mail
management mankind marble mathematics measles
meat metal milk money mud
music nature news nitrogen nonsense
nurture nutrition obedience obesity oil
oxygen paper passion pasta patience
permission physics poetry pollution poverty
power pride production progress pronunciation
psychology publicity punctuation quality quantity
racism rain recreation relaxation reliability
research respect revenge rice room
rubbish rum safety salad salt
sand satire scenery seaside shopping
silence sleep smoke smoking snow
soap software soil sorrow soup
speed spelling sport steam strength
stuff stupidity success sugar sunshine
symmetry tea tennis thirst thunder
timber time toast tolerance trade
traffic transportation travel trust understanding
underwear unemployment unity usage validity
veal vegetation vegetarianism violence vision
vitality warmth water wealth weather
weight wheat whiskey width wildlife
wine wisdom wood wool work
yeast yoga youth zinc zoology



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