KINDERFUN Training Sessions 2017

The KINDERFUN Training Sessions 2017 benefitted more than two thousand pre-primary teachers in Nepal. GREEN Books organized  training sessions  at  twenty different places,  in collaboration with different schools and school associations. The KINDERFUN training team visited those places and conducted sessions on the topic “Montessori Methods of Teaching in ECD classrooms”. The main facilitators of the sessions were D N Mukhiya, Khem Nath Kadariya,  and Sudha Pradhan.

KINDERFUN training sessions D N Mukhiya

Major topics of discussion in each session included:

Topics Focus for Discussion
Teaching phonics IBRDS approach
Teaching Maths CPA approach
Teaching Science Observation skill approach/thematic approach
Teaching Social Studies Repetition and drill techniques/thematic approach
Teaching Songs Pre-listening/listening/post listening skills
Teaching Letters and Sounds Sensorial techniques

Most of the sessions began with some warm-up activities that included songs, rhymes, dances and fun activities by Sudha Pradhan. The participants in each session enjoyed a lot with these fun activities. They also got opportunities to brush up their  teaching skills through some theoretical discussions by D N Mukhiya. The participants shared  classroom practices and showed their interests to learn new techniques and methods. The main difficulty they had in using the KINDERFUN series was the phonics books of the series. They cheered up when they came to know the methods  of teaching phonics in the classroom.

KINDERFUN Training Sessions 2017


The KINDERFUN Training Sessions 2017 were equally important for both the participants and trainers. To begin with, the participants learned the principles of Montessori Methods of Teaching and discussed their problems  with other participants and trainers. On the other hands, the trainers got to know about the standard of pre-primary schools all over the country. Most importantly, the trainers got constructive suggestions and feedback for the revision of the KINDERFUN Series for the next edition.

KINDERFUN Training Sessions 2017

Though the participants had attended other training sessions before, they found the KINDERFUN Training Sessions 2017  more practical and constructive. Of all the training sessions, the KINDERFUN training session for the teachers of Pokhara NPABSAN proved to be very successful  because of two reasons. First, it was conducted for two days. Second,  the teachers showed active participation and great interests for learning.

KINDERFUN Training Sessions 2017

Some other places where the KINDERFUN Training Sessions 2017 were also conducted are Dhading, Panauti, Syangja, Thankot, Dolakha and several private schools. The team visited different schools  for school support training session programmes.

KINDERFUN Training Sessions 2017

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