KINDERFUN Pre-primary Series

The KINDERFUN Pre-primary series has been written by a group of pre-primary teachers under the co-ordination of D N Mukhiya, an ELT textbook writer. GREEN Books published the first edition of the series in 2016 AD for the academic session 2074 – 2075 BS.

The series has gained good acceptance from teachers, parents and schools all over Nepal. The writer team of the KINDERFUN Series is working currently on its second edition. According to the publishers, the writers are revising the series on the basis of the feedback they obtained during the KINDERFUN training sessions.


The KINDERFUN training team conducted more than twenty training sessions this year (2017 AD) in Nepal. They trained more than two thousand pre-primary teachers. The sessions promoted the KINDERFUN Pre-primary Series in a very positive way among teachers and parents.

KINDERFUN Pre-primary Series training

The KINDERFUN Pre-primary Series is an innovative Kindergarten series. It comprises a set of books (set books) for three levels – Nursery (Foundation), Lower Kindergarten (LKG) and Upper Kindergarten (UKG). It is suitable for children aged from three to six. This series is a complete pre-school kit of more than sixteen books. It has three separate sets for each level-GREEN, ORANGE and BLUE.

The books of each set deal with language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking), number skills, general environmental awareness, and sensory practice activities. Moreover, these books provide a comprehensive introduction to pre-reading, pre-writing and number skills; language development, and cognitive awareness for each level.

Besides, the reading and practice materials of the KINDERFUN Pre-primary Series show practical consideration of children’s age, psychology and the findings about how children develop their reading skills. In addition to this, the series offers a variety of activities, stories, songs, games, and handson projects  to engage children fully in the learning process.

The KINDERFUN Pre-primary Series follows three important factors:

    • the latest developments in education that develop children’s creative skills for ‘21st Century Learning’,
    • the principles of the Montessori Method of teaching and reading, and
    • the framework of the Early Childhood Development (ECD) Curriculum prescribed by Department of Education of Nepal.

KINDERFUN Pre-primary Series

To make the best inclusion of the above three factors, the publisher has worked with a team of experts like ECD curriculum designers, child psychologists, Montessori trained teachers, pre-primary teachers, singers, music composers, video makers and web technicians.
The publisher gladly acknowledges to all of them for all their help in the materialization of this KINDERFUN Pre-primary Series. They trust that the series will not only serve the need of pre-primary textbooks in schools and other institutions who work for children literacy programmes; but will also be helpful for parents to guide their children at home.


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